From: Rabbi Yitzi Weiner 
To: Kevin Driscoll
Subject: Re: Thank you...


Dear Kevin'


I just want to thank  you again  for your great performance. Everyone really had an amazing time.

You are very talented and engaging


Best of luck to you 




Best compliment of the night on September 6th 2017 at Brightview Senior Living in Canton:  "Please come back again soon!"   Special thanks to Michael the Chef and residents Ralph and Mikki for volunteering to be our HUMAN DUMMIES!

"Thanks so much... it was an honor to film you! What you do is amazing, making ppl laugh and incorporating education are so needed for today and tomorrow. Thank you for making me laugh and sharing your story with me!"  Michael 

"Kevin, thank you very much.  It was a ton of fun, your Dummies did a great job, and everyone loved it!"   -   Dennis Troy, Scoutmaster - Shrewsbury, MA

"I like the kind of work that you are doing.  It is nice to see some wholesome entertainment left in the world.  Sincerely, Charlie" - Spring Green Auto Body - Cranston, RI.

"I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.   You picked the best volunteers for your face mask bit!" - Sandwich Recreation Department Director.
"It was awesome!  Thank you!  Everyone laughed." Zonta Club President  - April 29, 2016 Event at Anthony's of Malden

From: Pete Davis

To: Kevin@driscollproductions.com
Subject: Thank you!




Thank you so much for participating in our film -- we greatly appreciate you and Jerry's time and talent!


Hope you have a great week.




Pete and Paul

Thanks Kevin, that's great!  I will definitely pass this along.  Laurie Bilotta  email.
"Kevin, thank you so much!  Everyone had an amazing time.  We want to book you again!"  
See thirty second excerpt from the above Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet at https://youtu.be/Y8tqcRbNTyw
Text:  "Kevin, thank you for coming.  The kids loved your show and asked for you again next year."  Pastor Izzy  - Beulah Pilgrim Holiness Church Party in Dorchester, MA -

From: Kathryn Peck
To: Kevin Driscoll <kevin@driscollproductions.com>
Subject: Thank you!


Hi Kevin,


I just wanted to thank you again for putting in all that effort this morning at the photo shoot and doing an amazing job! You are so good with the kids and I know that the parents appreciate it, as do I. 


I wanted to tell you that during dinner this evening my son told me that he thinks I didn't hire a man dressed like Santa for the photos, but rather I hired the real Santa instead. When I asked him why he thought that, he gave me a whole list of reasons why; like the real beard, the real hair, the red suit, the big belly, and so on! Anyway, I thought that was cute. 


Thank you again!




Kathryn Peck

Mockingbird Baby & Maternity

219 Main St. Charlestown, MA 02129

"My mother and I loved your show!  Thank you so much for making all the residents laugh."
John Kimmons Thanks Kevin - It was great to meet you and loved your performance!
John Kimmons Thanks Kevin - It was great to meet you and loved your performance!
Above L2R:
Ralf Thaller (Austria), John Kimmons from the United Kingdom (pictured above in the yellow tie) "Kevin - It was great to meet you and loved your performance!"  - Dr. Stevo Schuling from Germany (pictured above in the red, white, and blue tie), and Shane West (United Kingdom).
Photos from the Verrill Farm two family shows in Concord, Massachusetts.
"Kevin, your jazz duo sounded like a trio!  We definitely want you back... and please bring your dummies again.  The crowd loved it!" - Hilton Manager 
"Thank you so much!  Everyone had a great time.  My granddaughter loved performing with your puppet."  Tedesco Country Club member.  Marlblehead, MA. 
"Awesome performance.  Thank you!"  Doug the Talking Dog only bites Mommies and Daddies, but he did try to bite the children's drumsticks and tambourines during the LOUD drum circles. - Chabad of Newton Lag B'Omer Family Festival and Bonfire.
Brightkey Software 9-19-14 Launch in 19 cities nationwide.  Entertaining the crowds waiting in line outside Boston's Apple Store was a blast!

PayPal Note from Matthew De Santis - Brightkey President and founder:

Hi Kevin! Thanks again for the wonderful work and partnership we had over the past week. The entire team enjoyed it... Via attached PayPal is your remaining... and an extra $100 as gratuity. With great thanks, Matthew De Santis and the Brightkey team!

"Awesome!" and  "Great!" were just a few of the comments from the adults for the above.  However, as I was leaving, the comment that I will remember for a long time was from one four year old cute little boy.  He said "Thank you.  I love you."  Above photos from our two July performances at Trinity Catholic Academy.   I played bass drum with my right foot and hi-hat cymbals with my left foot.   I helped Doug the Talking Dog sing with my left hand, and I helped Jerry sing with my right hand.  When Jerry sang another song solo, I did the same but played our small battery operated piano with my left hand. 
 More Email and Social Media Testimonials:

Angel Delsol  YouTube

Pure Talent, I believe in you man, This is how dreams come true...
Krissy Ravenwest - November 3 at 9:29pm  - "Awesome.  My kids loved it!!!!"

Jessica Leigh

10:45am Oct 13

Kevin that is awesome!!! You are so talented.

DENNIS CHAN - Ventriloquist at VENThaven 2015 International ConVENTion:

Wed 9/2/2015 12:52 AM Email

You have very good voice projection. Good voice change between the dog and the figure  .

Hope to see you in 2016

Thanks ..... Dennis.

Cia Khakaura - 12:19pm Apr 26

Loved it!

Jeffrey Cain - 3:45pm Apr 22

Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!! You could play a whole orchestra if you were an octopus!! Impressive!!! Jerry needs some Ritalin! HAHAHA


Love it!

 From: Jess Swann

Sent: Friday, January 02, 2015 3:48 AM
To: Kevin Driscoll
Subject: RE: Confirmed


Kevin – it was great to meet you... fantastic...  Thank you!!!!


Happy new year!

Nate Smith - 9:14pm Dec 22

Thanks you very much...! Happy holidays and a very happy new year if we do not speak before.

From: sylvania kelcro
Sent: Friday, December 19, 2014 11:14 AM
To: Kevin Driscoll


hi kevin!  your 'jerry & kevin' act is amazing as well as your 'santa' - what great work!!!

my music school has a lot of music programs planned for the new year and could certainly use some of your production work - i will keep in touch about our 2015 calendar and i wish you a very merry christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year in 2015!




p.s. wow! you are an amazing santa claus!!  I am sharing with my friends, teachers, and clients!!!

From: Georgina Rodrigues
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2014 5:42 PM
To: Kevin Driscoll
Subject: RE: Thank you from TheRealBeardedSanta™


Mr. Driscoll,


Thank you for allowing my two grandsons to have their picture taken with you at the Sheraton…….We were in the restaurant when you walked in and they were taken back… Thank you again for your kindness…..You made them believers……


Georgina Rodrigues

Mary Fleming email 11/27/14 10:31AM ...you are a multi-talent!


Vadalna Tribal Dance Company

November 11 at 10:53am


So nice to meet you! You were amazing!

Description: Description: Description: Description: gm-logo-small

From: Chelsea Pellegrino

Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 9:48 AM
To: Kevin Driscoll

Thanks so much ... hysterical, and we’re glad to see everyone got such a kick out of your performance. 

GigMasters.com, Inc.

From: Debbie Goodwin
Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2014 11:20 AM
To: Kevin Driscoll



From: Alana Askey
Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2014 8:00 AM
To: Kevin Driscoll
Subject: a picture for you

Hi Kevin, 

I do think Dino is a bit scary looking!  I saw the short video of you two; too funny!  You were very creepy looking! I'm sure the kids who see you as Santa would be horrified about your darker side!  Your job brings such delight to others.


Jerry Catalano - 1:36pm Oct 9

Very cool! :D


Jeremy Bennett - 2:10pm Oct 8

Nice work!


Robert Sherry - 10:38am Oct 7

Hi Kevin!  That's pretty awesome! :-)

Anthony Sutton - 9:45am Aug 18

Hello, good to meet you! I look forward to learning from you! You are a working entertainer!!! Have a great day!!

Tomasz Mieczkowski - 10:00am Aug 16

I wanna see Jerry play those drums! :) Congrats - it looks fun!

Melody Sullivan

7:53pm Aug 5

Very Cool!!!


Moses Garcia

7:52pm Aug 5


EMAIL: Wednesday, August 06, 2014 6:21 AM

Dear Kevin

Congratulations on having a fantastic act!  It is always a pleasure to see artistes who are passionate for their art.

J C Sum

Marc Trachtenberg EMAIL: Tuesday, August 05, 2014 2:30 PM Rock-a-Baby

Thanks Kevin..  Your act is really cute.


Nathaniel McCartney

- 1:26am Jun 22

...fantastic! Really great work, hope all keeps going well!

Above email from another happy customer.  Will and Jessica wanted to have a unique going-away party with entertainment for the children.  At the Cambridge party on Sunday 6/22/14, I played bass drum with my right foot and hi-hat cymbals with my left foot.   I helped Doug the Talking Dog sing with my left hand, and I helped Jerry sing with my right hand.  When Jerry sang another song solo, I did the same but played our small battery operated piano with my left hand. 
And More Email testimonials
"Thanks for presenting yesterday at the Dunning Fair.  The kids loved it!  The material was new and unique."  Jake Bersin email 
"Everyone loved it!  Thank you so very much.  The kids raved about the drum circle and rock 'n' roll musical chairs."  Unistress Corporation at Bousquet Mountain in the Berkshires.

"Thanks a lot Kevin, it was great to work with you and Jerry.  The shot looks great!" - Filming a TV commercial at Boston's Fan Pier with Emmy Award Winning Producer Ryan Hughes of Slide Rule Pictures (left).  Kevin24x7 - 617-901-6232
"Jerry was awesome!" Evan Moore (Left) "Whiskey Cavendish" Producer with Aaron Moore, Sara Al Mughairy, Jerry, and Kevin outside the 1883 cigar store (the oldest store in Harvard Square), Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Call Kevin24x7: 617-901-6232
Evan Moore (Left), Aaron Moore, Sara Al Mughairy, Jerry, and Kevin outside the 1883 cigar store (the oldest store in Harvard Square), Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Call Kevin24x7: 617-901-6232

"Hi, Kevin. Thank you for a FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE!! on my show! I appreciate it so much!! Would love to have you on again in the future." Bob McCarthy 

For a review of our G rated event May event, see http://www.facebook.com/groups/103956371790/

Wow, what a great show last nite May 2. THANKS TO OUR MIQUERS, Kevin Driscoll and his MANY frIends...Who knew when a ventriloquist promised a few "Friends" that they would be not only about 5 wooden characters, but about 20 very live real people with incredible musical talent. And about 60 audience members too. The Comedy Mique has had past connections with the folk Mike and Cabaret Mic, but thanks Kevin's inclusion of Ted Knowlton, Dave Morin and others, we now connected to the Jazz Jam too. Yes it's all AMAZING!! The birthday tribute by Kevin's group to our amazing video guy Frank DiPace was wonderful. Thanks to Frank, we can see some of ...our our shows on Access Framingham TV and if you are out of town, some are on-line at their web site http://webvideo.accessfram.tv/

"Kevin, thank you so much for making our son's seventh birthday party such a huge success.  We all had a blast.  Max loved Jerry and especially appreciated the opportunity to hold Little Jerry and learn some of the tricks of Ventriloquism.  My personal favorite was Dino the Dinosaur.  Again, thank you!  - Max's mother.
Thank you Kevin!  It was a pleasure working with you.  Our guests were extremely complimentary about your performances.  The children especially loved Doug the Talking Dog.  We want you back again soon!" 
Boston's Ritz-Carlton

"Thank you!  Everyone loved playing Happy Birthday with your tambourines and percussion.  Especially enjoyed cruising the neighborhood in your 1977 Red Corvette Stingray with Jerry after the super show."  
TheRealBeardedSanta™ was the hit of our party.   Everyone loved Jerry, Santa's talking Elf and Doug the talking Dog.  When Santa put that mask on our CEO and made him appear to sing, the staff and families could not stop laughing.  Thank you!
"Thank you Kevin.  We all loved Jerry's antics!  Why do you put up with his poor treatment of you?"
"Thank you to you and all your little friends who helped to make our Parents Without Partners event such a huge success."
Herb Chambers Corporate Holiday Party 12/16/11.
"Thank you very much.  Elvis."