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♫♬ ABOVE:  Special thanks to the Dad from Norway who volunteered to be our human dummy and play cowbell on our original song "The VENThaven Blues".  He/She was joined by his two amazing twin daughters who played tambourine and a homemade guiro (a serrated water bottle and spoon) .  Doug The Talking Dog also sang with ALL of us on stage at the 2016 International Ventriloquist
ConVENTion in Cincinnati! 

ABOVE:  As demonstrated in the above G-rated video, Kevin plays piano with his left hand, bass drum with his right foot, hi-hat cymbals with his left foot, and “helps” his puppets sing or speak with his right hand.   Recent performances included MGM's Foxwoods Resort & Casino, Gillette Stadium, Boston's Ritz-Carlton, The Comedy Studio, The Harvard Club, and many more.  

BELOW:  In the live TV PG rated video below, Jerry and Doug the Talking Dog attempt to sing Kevin Driscoll's original composition "The Jessica Blues".

ABOVE:  Special thanks to the ABOVE female physician (with the tambourine) and the male purchasing agent (with the cowbell) who volunteered to wear our ventriloquist face masks. This YouTube excerpt was taken from our facebook LIVE performance.

BELOW: Special thanks to the male and female staff members who volunteered to be our  human dummies to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and help us entertain the children AND seniors at the Life Care Center of Attleboro.

L2R: Jeff Dunham, Jessica, and Kevin Driscoll at VENThaven - the world's oldest and largest ConVENTion of Ventriloquists.

Once in a generation a man comes along who changes everything.  KEVIN DRISCOLL is NOT that man, but he met Jeff Dunham and acted weird around him.
The above animated graphic by Daniel Barreto depicts Kevin using his iPhone 7 to confirm additional performances.  
Jerry talks to SIRI for voice recognition texting instead of typing to his friends on his iPhone 7 Plus.
ABOVE:  Five minute documentary with a dummy.  Special thanks to the producers Jessie Gant 
and Logan Smeallie.   It was an honor to be interviewed by such talented professionals.
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