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At the Nashua Crown Plaza in Nashua, New Hampshire recently, Harrison's Dad "volunteered" to wear our Ventriloquist Face Mask and female wig.  He/She debuted the first performance for our original above song... and Doug the Talking Dog joined in the singing on the second chorus.
ABOVE:  We were honored to perform for over four hundred ventriloquists at the 2015 Cincinnati VENThaven ConVENTion of Ventriloquists.  Jerry and Doug the Talking Dog attempted to sing one of our original compositions and the audience joined in on the second chorus.

ABOVE:  As demonstrated in the above G-rated video, Kevin plays piano with his left hand, bass drum with his right foot, hi-hat cymbals with his left foot, and “helps” his puppets sing or speak with his right hand.   Recent performances included MGM's Foxwoods Resort & Casino, Boston's Ritz-Carlton, The Comedy Studio, and many more.  

BELOW:  In the live TV PG rated video below, Jerry and Doug the Talking Dog attempt to sing Kevin Driscoll's original composition "The Jessica Blues".

L2R: Jeff Dunham, Jessica, and Kevin Driscoll at VENThaven 2015 - the world's oldest and largest ConVENTion of ventriloquists.
The above animated graphic by Daniel Barreto depicts Kevin using his iPhone 6 to confirm additional performances.  Jerry talks to SIRI for voice recognition texting instead of typing to his friends on his iPhone 6 Plus.
☑ "Your CEO will say anything you want!™
"I pulled the string and he spoke."  Former CFO from our alma mater, the Berklee College of Music graciously acquiesced and participated in our antics for a recent performance.  By controlling the face mask, you can make any volunteer say anything. 
ABOVE:  Five minute documentary with a dummy.  Special thanks to the producers Jessie Gant and Logan Smeallie.   It was an honor to be interviewed by such talented professionals.

Above photo by music photographer Phil Farnsworth - Berklee Alumni Jam Session -  Caption for above photo: "No, I’m not asleep.  I’m in Heaven playing jazz with great musicians."